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//Galerie 102 is proud to present the new works by Artist Bernd Gaul:

Readymade-Film-Paintings & Clips:

They are picture puzzles between pop art and poster art: Bernd Gaul’s newest works play in ironic manner visually and concerning the contents with key scenes of the film history. He produced already 6 paintings in different formats and 6 clips, he himself plays the main character in the clips with humour and positive irony.

Point of View:

He devours the world visually, combining newspapers, movies, fotos, fashion – in short, everything. His vision is guided not only by excess and humor but also by detail and anecdote. His eye is a magnifying glass.

Gauls incitement is to persistently rethink ideas of taste, cultural appropriaton, and audience – from within the forms of artistic work itself. Theorizing always at the level of the consumable, working squarely within the rubrics, realities and fictons of the industries in which he performs – movie-making and contemporary art.

Art and Cinema:

According to Gaul, the difference beween art and cinema is that movies are „dumbed down“ so that a maximum number of people will make the modest investment of purchasing a ticket, whereas artwork must be „smarted up“ so that a very small number of people will pay a great deal to acquire it.

In Gaul’s movie history since the 80ties he also cooperated with artists like Chantal Akerman, Martin Scorsese, Christoph Schlingensief and Roland Topor.

Recent projects are the feature films Diamonds and The German Hell.


2014 he showed his early works (1983-1987) in Berlin at the gallery Erd+Feuer and in Lisbon at he the gallery Belo-Galsterer and at the Goethe-Institut.

More Notes:

I use objects and techniques, that in some instance, are at the moment mostly references to movies and the history of the film industry.

There are also nods to the material aspect of analogue cinematography and photography, too.

Overall, I have an ambiguous relationship with color.

The problem with art is that it’s so contained and specific that only a certain group of people have access to it.

Taking the artiness out of art is something that interests me, which is why I’m always draun to mundane objects.

The choice of ordinary or lost and found material is simply a fascination that I share with artists like Martin Kippenberger, who have used the most banal objects to get away from the exclusivity of art.

Art is, simply put, when someone does something that did not exist in the same way before, that is what I try with my work.

I’m interested in nothing and everything.

This includes besides movies and art sports, music, fashion, architecture, food, animals, literature or a toilet brush.

Politics do, of course, play into my work because it shapes our lives.


Filmmaker and Artist (*1955)
lives and works in Berlin



„Welche Aussage hat Kunst, wenn 18 zeitgenössische Künstler/innen in einer Galerie ausstellen? Sie sind eingeladen es herauszufinden im Dialog.
Ein rostiger Baukontainer, eine Zeichnung einer Beobachtung, ein Beziehungsstreit der sich als unperfekte Liebe entpuppt. Literarische Schnappschüsse, bittersüße Cartoons, zerrissene Gesichter.
Außer montags hat die Galerie jeden Tag geöffnet. Sie können auch ein Bild pro Tag anschauen, wie das Öffnen von Türchen im Advent.“
VERNISSAGE  Freitag, 1. Dez. 2017 18-21 UHR
mit einer Performance von Elke Postler
ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN Sonntag – Donnerstag 13-18 Uhr
Freitag, Samstag 15-20 Uhr
Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017, 18 Uhr
Lesung von Doris Bewernitz
FINISSAGE 21. Dezember 18-21 Uhr
Silke Bartsch, Ruth Beck, Sandra Becker, Doris Bewernitz, Barbara Gockel, Ann Laber, Maruska Mazza, Luisa Nossmann, Elke Postler, Nele Probst, Stella Sander, Juliane Vonna Schönhauser, Karen Thiele, Ingrid Wenzel, Daniel Wuttke, Ulla A. Wyrwoll, Anna Katharina Zeitler, Maike Zimmermann
Koproduktion mit Coachingzentrale Berlin im Rahmen des Mentoringprogrammes 2017.