Artist in Residence Project becomes IAN

Das Artist in Residenceprojekt wird nun mit der letzten Ausstellung im Januar 2020 zu Ende gehen. Immerhin haben ca. 36 Künstler aus 12 Ländern in der Zeit von 2016 bis 2019 zusammengearbeitet und sich gegenseitig inspiriert. Vielen Dank!

Ab 2020 wir das International ArtNet (IAN) beginnen. Ca. 10 Künstler*innen des Residenzprojektes werden hierfür ausgewählt. Geplant ist eine Ausstellung pro Jahr mit mind. 2 Künstler*innen in einem der Länder aus dem die Künstler*innen stammen. Wir freuen uns sehr nun die Zusammenarbeit mit „den Besten“ vertiefen zu können.

Sound Installation from Carmo Posser, Lissabon

„artist-in-residence project 2019“

//GALERIE 102 is pleased to offer residencies (work and live) and the possibility to work in an international atmosphere in the middle of the Berlin art scene and exhibit their work at the end in a solo show.
The idea is to enable artists to access the Berlin Art Market and create an international art net.

The Location

The location of //GALERIE 102 in the inner city center, in vicinity of Potsdamer Platz and close to the new National Museum and the Berlin Philharmonic, the Group Show will be staged ideally located, directly between West and East Berlin.
The ethnic mix of the surrounding area and concentration of art galleries developed this area to the focus of the art world the last years. Well-known galleries such as Galerie Arndt, Anna Jill Lüpertz, Galerie Judin and Blain Southern, just to name a few, are located here. Last year, the Berlin Art Week achieved an increase of 20,000 visitors.

The Artists

 The Project is open to both native and international Artists. The Artists will be selected according to their experience and artistic background. The focus of the individual residency will be on the medias: drawing, photography, installation, dance and music.
The Project intends to create an intense workflow, by providing them with a professional framework to work intensively on a topic. Also the opportunity to make promising contacts for future projects.

Terms and Conditions

If you are interested please send 5 pictures of your work, a resume, the period you wish to stay to:
Annemarie Laber

artist-in-residence project 2018″ Artists: Galina Dimitrova, Agnieszka Rowinska, Nina Stoelting, Michael Jarvis, Franciszek Wardynski, Lia Forslund.

„artist-in-residence project 2017“ Artists:  Safwan Subzwari, Megan Boettcher, Rebecca Snow, Alix Ryan, Genevieve Goffman, Sepideh Farzahm, Katelyn Fay, Madison Tyrell, Anabela Sobrinho, Jodi Holmes, Tara Pearson, Alisi Telengut, Kavita Balasingham, Ornella Pacchioni u.a.

„artist-in-residence project 2016“ Artists: Imogen Elliott, Carmo Posser, Antonia Banados, Nathan Jokovich, Sherri Martin, Isabel Reyes Santos, Alexander Rupert, Yaw Owusu, William Grob, Ruby Waugh, Charles Di Mascio.